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four bars of cow's milk bar soap in a row

Seasonal Bar Soap Bundle


Stock up and save with a seasonal bar soap bundle! This is the perfect way to try all of the spring seasonal selections and great for keeping extras on-hand for last minute gifts. 

Each bundle includes an individually bagged full size bar of Blossom, Dewdrop, Rainstorm and Revival cow's milk bar soap.



    Crafted with

    Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, raw cow's milk, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, mango butter, castor oil, fragrance, mica, sodium lactate


    Weight: each bar approx. 4 oz 



    Price per bundle


    • Allow soap to dry in between uses
    • Do not allow soap to sit in water 
    • Store unused soap in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
    • Contains NO preservatives. Color and scent may fade over time - use soap within 1 year of purchase


    Discontinue use if irritation occurs

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